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What is newsjacking?

Updated: Jun 15

Have you heard of you know what it involves?

Newsjacking involves capitalising on the popularity or relevance of a current news story or event to gain media attention for your brand or product. And we're not just talking about those current affairs type of stories that are flashed all over the mainstream news!

Here's how newsjacking works

When a major news story breaks, it often dominates headlines and captures the public's attention. Savvy marketers can piggyback on this attention by quickly crafting a relevant angle that ties their brand or product to the news story. By doing so, they can insert themselves into the conversation and potentially garner media coverage or social media buzz.

For example, a breaking news story emerges about a new trend, so an organisation could issue a press release or social media post offering expert commentary or insight related to the topic. This not only showcases the company's expertise but also increases the likelihood of media outlets seeking quotes or interviews from the company, thus gaining valuable exposure.

What does it need to work?

Newsjacking requires agility, creativity, and a keen understanding of current events and media trends. When executed effectively, it can generate significant publicity and enhance brand visibility, all while leveraging the power of press relations within the broader marketing mix.

So now you know what newsjacking is, when was the last time you used it or will you consider adopting it for your future comms?

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