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A message from Simon

Ever feel like your company's marketing needs a boost? Well, that's where I come in.

Hey, I'm Simon Cantillion and I've spent over 25 years crafting compelling technical content for business-to-business clients that grabs attention and builds relationships.

Our tailored solutions are crafted to elevate brand visibility, captivate target audiences, and drive tangible results that propel our clients towards sustained success.

Unlike big agencies that win business and pass you on to a junior exec, I stick with you and focus on you and your industry, providing a personalised service every step of the way.
And if you didn't think that hiring a consultant was for you, or you're worried about the costs of hiring a full- or part-time marketing exec, then don't, because I'm the alternative! I'm here to fill that role cost effectively*.

Let's chat about how I can help elevate your company's presence and tackle any challenges together!

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or schedule a 1-2-1 meeting.

* Click here to see my latest offer.

Cantillion King Advertising | Simon Cantillion
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