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What's the offer?

To assist companies, including those forced to put a stop to their marketing plans for any number of reasons, we have launched a 'reboot' package consisting of a short-term, six-month press relations programme. 

Features include researching, writing and editing of content; preparation of media/outlet lists; and distribution of content to agreed media lists, outlets, etc.

But why PR?

The strength of a press relations campaign is its ability to communicate, inform and educate through the perceived impartiality of the press. Press relations campaigns also reach audiences that cannot be reached cost-effectively through advertising. So, in short, PR will make a positive contribution to the promotional effort by reaching the parts advertising cannot.


And don't forget, the content generated via a press campaign can be used for so many other marketing activities including your website, email marketing, social media, etc.

How much is this going to cost?

Please call or email for a formal proposal/quotation or further information but, in short, the offer is:

Interviewing*, writing, editing and preparation of a fixed number of press releases per month; preparation of candidate media lists; distribution of press releases to agreed candidate media list; and administration of editorial/advertorial charges. Items not covered (but can/will be quoted in advance) include, but are not limited to, professional photography, production of rich content and *travel expenses to interview your customers if required.
£950.00/month (£5,700.00/duration)


Allowances should also be made for editorial/advertorial charges, but these are quoted/submitted in advance for prior approval by you.
£500.00/month (or whatever level you agree)

And who is Cantillion King?

Have a look around the site but, in short, we have been established for over 30 years and can offer a wealth of experience in business-to-business advertising, marketing and press relations; and have experience across numerous engineering- and manufacturing-based sectors, including:

  • automotive/industrial lubricants

  • metalworking/cutting fluids

  • air handling equipment

  • compressed air systems

  • thermal/fire protection solutions

  • specialist weld overlay cladding and fabrication

  • chassis systems for industrial/commercial/leisure vehicles

  • components and systems for on/off highway vehicles

  • building simulation software

  • automation/material handling solutions

  • reduce/recovery vehicle solutions

  • polymer solutions for marine/offshore applications

  • steam boiler and heat transfer solutions

  • retail refrigeration

  • process cooling

  • transport management

What are the terms of the reboot offer?

Life's already too complicated, especially at the moment, so the terms are very simple really.


We will provide a written service agreement, but all we ask is that you commit to the six-month programme. We will invoice you on the first day of the programme and then every month until the end of the six months. Payment for each monthly invoice is due within thirty days of the invoice date.

At the end of the six months there is no commitment to continue, but we will happily review the programme with you and consider the options.

What next?

All you have to do is call or email for a formal proposal/quotation or further information.

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