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At our core, Cantillion King are marketing catalysts for small and medium-sized businesses operating in the industrial business-to-business landscape. Our mission is to help our clients achieve maximum impact with limited marketing budgets – unlocking exponential growth potential. We specialise in empowering companies to outperform their perceived limitations. With our strategic expertise, we enable businesses to transcend their weight class, accelerating expansion and fortifying their market resilience.


Making you famous

Branding makes a company famous in its marketplace and requires a combination of impact and frequency.

To achieve this is really the job of advertising, which can be designed with impact and bought for frequency.

However, PR will contribute by providing brand support.

This will be achieved by ensuring that the newsworthiness of your products and services is exploited to produce sufficient quantity and variety of material to provide frequency.


Differentiating you

Positioning is important to ensure that your brand is differentiated effectively.

Besides an overall positioning, we will ensure that your considerable experience as a product, service or
solutions provider is highlighted.

Using PR to support your marketing activities will ensure that customers and prospective customers across all sectors understand and know your offering and have an accurate perception of your positioning.


Inform your audience

All forms of marketing can be used to communicate effectively at all levels, but we believe that press relations is ideally suited to cost-effectively provide the continuous flow of information necessary to continue to educate the target audience in each market sector.

However, communications will be improved by recognising the importance of a core proposition and taking a very single-minded approach to reinforcing and supporting it at every opportunity.

Supporting Sales 

Generate quality enquiries

Press releases in most media outlets are still viewed by many as unbiased editorial endorsements and are perceived to be more "believable" than advertising claims.

It is therefore not unusual for PR to generate more enquiries.

Case studies that highlight conversions from competitor products/services also have the potential to generate better quality enquiries than the equivalent volumes generated by other marketing activities.

Press releases, case studies and technical articles/white papers can also be used as content for your website and social/email marketing purposes.

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