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key objectives

There are a number of ways in which PR will help achieve key objectives:


Challenging Conventional Solutions

To maximise PR coverage we prepare feature articles to position your Company as experts - with the expertise and product range to challenge conventional solutions in your field. Typically, the features review products and the major design and installation benefits to emphasise your positioning in the market. We will take great care to place these features exclusively with the authoritative journals.


The Company at Work

An understanding of the benefits of your Company and its products is essential to educate potential customers and the press. If appropriate we arrange press visits to your factory to help demonstrate and explain the benefits.


Profiling the Company

Press visits will also be used to place in-depth profiles of the Company with the leading trade publications. The Profiles will help to reinforce your expertise and will cover Company history, product development, production facilities, product information and aspects of sales and marketing. Press visits will allow editors to interview senior management and develop their own stories.



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