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tactical objectives

There are a number of ways in which PR can meet tactical objectives:


In-depth Articles

We place great emphasis on high profile editorial in our PR programme. As previously mentioned we contact key editors to offer detailed articles on subjects of tactical importance to their markets.


Product Press Releases

An important element of the press relations programme is the issue of general press releases. Some of these will be planned, others will be opportunistic, eg commenting on industry trends etc. All press relations activity, including press releases, is approached creatively by Cantillion King - each story is given individual attention and issued, wherever possible, with high quality photography.


It will be important to achieve and maintain regular exposure in the editorial columns of appropriate publications. Although the story in many cases will be the same, the style in which it is presented will be changed to make it relevant.


Planned Editorial Features

Regular features in the trade and business press will provide opportunities to promote your company and products. We prepare a comprehensive list of relevant features for each month and contact magazine editors to discuss providing press material, comment etc., to ensure that you are represented.


We also offer special material to expand an opportunity into a lead article or feature and we supply high quality photography and other relevant material to maximise coverage.



We co-ordinate the design and build of exhibition stands for a number of clients and this service will be available if required. Additionally, PR will support your attendance at exhibitions in the following ways:


  • Press releases are issued to all publications previewing the exhibition.

  • Press packs are prepared for the press office. These will include product information, photography, background information, etc. 

  • Where appropriate, we arrange for editors to visit your stand and are on hand to co-ordinate interviews. 

  • Follow-up press releases are issued to all publications reviewing the exhibition. Editorial opportunities created at the show will also be followed through. 



There are excellent reasons why we consider newsletters to be an important part of the PR mix. As we know, there is often a considerable job to do in educating a target audience, firstly to ensure they know a company's products and then to ensure they specify and buy them. We also know that with many projects there can be a delay between a specification and the actual purchase.


A newsletter, published at least twice a year, helps to bridge the gap. We include a number of interesting or high profile "applications" to stimulate specifiers and buyers, and a mix of product and technical information.



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