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We'll use this section to showcase recent branding/marekting projects that are not press relations based. 

severn river crossings - website re-design

We were tasked by the client to completely re-design the website. We were given carte blanche on the design but the new site had to adhere to the parameters/guidelines dictated by their existing content management system (CMS).

We adopted an animated style and introduced the car and driver that will be rolled out across various collateral required for other martketing campaigns. A design for the homepage and a seperate template for the internal site pages was presented and approved by the client:


severn river crossings - gantry signage drop card

Having updated the gantry signage at its toll plazas on the M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Second Severn Crossing, the client instructed us to design and deliver a drop card that would identify the changes.


Using the animated style adopted during the website re-design, a full-colour, A6 postcard was designed that could be handed to drivers using the staffed toll booths at both crossings.

A similar message was also uploaded to the new-look website.

severn river crossings - contactless campaign

Having recently invested in contactless payment technology at all booths on the M48 Severn Bridge and M4 Second Severn Crossing, we were instructed to create a campaign that would raise awareness of the new technology to drivers, especially those using staffed toll booths and paying using cash.

Using the animated style adopted during the campaigns above, a suite that included drop cards, receipt backs and booth posters was developed and delivered.

The client recorded a +40% shift towards contactless payments during the campaign.

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